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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Norah Jones - Rosie's Lullaby

Yes, this is definitely my lullaby.

My good friend Will told me a few weeks ago that I had to listen to this song. I found this video of it that same day and soon began sobbing- heartfelt, gut-wrenching tears. The video itself is exquisite.

For me, the song touches such a deep place that I have no words for it.  I listened to it over and over that first day, singing with it and weeping. I don't know if it brought up some grief over my mother's death that I was unaware was sitting quietly in a space in my heart waiting to be released- or if it was something much older, deeper, the longing for Home. I only know that this song is one of a very few that I feel has really tapped into the deepest part of my Self.

I immediately ordered the CD and the studio version is so rich, full and poignant. I typically listen to it at least once a day and most of the time it still makes me weep. I figure they are tears of a grief and a longing that need to be released so I have been letting them go. The funny thing is, I don't feel sad- more just a pulling on my heart.

I am posting this one- a live version- rather than the studio version because the imagery is so beautiful. Whoever put together the visuals did a beautiful job.


  1. Lovely Rosie - thanks. It's amazing how a certain song, certain lyrics, phrasing, can evoke such deep deep emotions. I don't cry easily, but certain pieces of music can bring me to tears over and over again. Music and sound help us digest and make sense of experience.

    1. Thank you for your comment- for some reason I didn't see it until now- 8 months later! Yes, I love the way music can sometimes just pick us up and carry us away and then gently put us down renewed...